Who We Are

Renascent Rx is a practice that assists clients with after-treatment care for opioid and/or alcohol addiction who are requiring medication assistance. We also offer Suboxone for outpatient detox and detox medications during Suboxone induction and Suboxone maintenance for opioid use disorder. At the time we are only serving Oregon-based residents.

Positive for Hepatitis C? Inquire about our Hepatitis C treatment package.
Do you want to quit smoking? To assist, we prescribe medications!
We provide addiction aftercare counseling to help clients achieve their goal of staying sober.
Allow us to be a member of your aftercare team!

We are considered to be the maintenance phase of recovery

  • Patients can self-schedule from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.
  • Initial Appointment (45 minutes) $199 New Patients
  • Follow-up Appointment (15 minutes) $99 Established Patients
  • Renascent Rx does not bill insurance and is not affiliated with any private insurance carriers, Medicare, Medicaid, or the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Payment must be made at the time of service, and credit/debit cards are the accepted forms of payment. A superbill summarizing the services you received will be provided at each office visit so that you can submit a request for reimbursement (if eligible) from your health insurance or flexible spending account. You must understand your medical and drug coverage benefits if you have health insurance before scheduling an intake appointment at Renascent Rx.
  • Please be aware that if you have Medicare or the Oregon Health Plan, you will not be eligible for reimbursement for services provided by this office.
  • Medication, laboratory, and/or imaging charges are not included in the fee for services provided at Renascent Rx.
  • Medication delivery to a location of your choice.

About Laquicha Westervelt, FNP-C

LaQuicha Westervelt, FNP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 12 years of patient care experience. She earned her master's degree in nursing science and is board certified as a family nurse practitioner from Charles Drew University, a graduate program emphasizing serving the needs of communities in South Los Angeles. She joined St. John's Well Child and Family Center in 2016. She worked as a primary care provider and specialist in their PRIME (Prevention, Risk-Reduction, Intervention, Medication, and Education) program for communicable diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C and reproductive health. She also worked at St. John's Transgender Program, the largest in the United States, evaluating and prescribing hormone therapy and biomedical HIV prevention (PrEP) after recognizing the high risk of HIV in the transgender community. She accepted a position with the Orange County Health Care Agency in their STI/HIV testing and treatment center after moving to Orange County, continuing her passion for educating patients most at risk for HIV about PrEP as a prevention strategy. After working for the Orange County Public Health Department for two years, she accepted a position with a significant drug and alcohol treatment facility, where she worked as a nurse practitioner for inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation for more than three years, continuing her passion for issues affecting public health in general.

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