Smoking Cessation

Renascent Rx prescribes medication covered under insurance to assist with smoking cessation.
The FDA has approved two smoking cessation products that do not contain Nicotine, and both are available in tablet form and by prescription only.

Renascent RX (Affinity Health Partners, Inc.)

Chantix is a tried-and-true method of assisting smokers in quitting. Chantix is a Nicotine-free prescription pill that, when combined with support, can assist you in quitting smoking. Studies have shown that patients who smoked on average, a pack of cigarettes a day found that Chantix has aided in the reduced desire to smoke.

Nicotine enters your brain, when you smoke and binds to Nicotine receptors. Dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel good, is released. Then your Dopamine levels plummet, making you want to light up another cigarette. Chantix still releases Dopamine but at a lower rate than Nicotine. These actions are thought to be how Chantix may help you quit smoking.

Zyban (Bupropion)
Zyban (Bupropion) is a Nicotine-free quit smoking aid. Bupropion was first marketed as an antidepressant medication under the brand name Wellbutrin. People who smoked and used Bupropion to treat depression lost interest in smoking, indicating that it was an effective quit aid. People who did not plan on quitting smoking found that they could do so with relative ease while taking the antidepressant.

Taking Bupropion increases the likelihood of quitting smoking. Several studies have been conducted on this subject. In the studies, people who wanted to quit smoking were given Bupropion or a similar dummy (placebo) tablet. According to the findings of the studies, approximately 19 out of every 100 people who took Bupropion successfully quit smoking.